Importance and Functions of Power Amplifier

During the public gatherings, the voice or music coming out of the loudspeaker is not audible by the participants of the meeting this is mainly due to weak signal transmission. The transmission of signals over longer distance requires power amplification. The function of power amplifier is to perform an amplification process on electronic devices.

What is amplification and why it is needed?

Amplification viewed as the method of gaining the strength of the input signal to make it audible to the people in the society. The power amplifier is a device designed for driving the output devices that lack in the power supply like the speaker.

efficient power amplifiers

The power amplifier used in the electronic devices called as the large signal amplifiers. The properties and features of power amplifier give a clear understanding regarding the functioning of the power amplifier. The main property of the power amplifier is not to change the magnitude of the signals. The power amplifier converts the direct current into an alternating current which is controlled by an input supply.

The properties of the power amplifier are collector efficiency, power dissipation capability and distortion. The ideal or the best power amplifiers have lower power loss, less hindrance in the communication channel and good quality signals generated through the collector.


Functions of Power Amplifier

The power amplifiers are mandatory because it has a variety of devices like headphones, microwave ovens, home theatre system are some of the widely used consumer electronics. The motors of the electronic world like DC motors, servo motors use the power amplifiers to increase the throughput of the running electric motor.

The long-distance communications made possible using efficient power amplifiers. The higher the rate of transfer then, it is used in many electronic applications.

The satellite communications are made possible with the help of these power amplifiers. The distance travelled, details covered by the satellite depend on the type and quality of the power amplifier used for the satellite communications.